28/11/16 Jazz Lesson 10

Even though we had most of our class today Sarah didn’t want us to add more to the “Bring me to life” dance, so we just recapped it instead. We did try out a type of lift though which was pretty cool, but me and Tom had to swap places because I wasn’t strong enough to carry on holding Faye by her arm. It was a crucible lift and so the person looks like they are in the shape of Jesus on a cross, hence the name. I think Sarah wanted to see who could do it to work out new choreography, however it didn’t work well for me. If Sarah just makes the boys carry on doing any lifts that should be fine, however I don’t know if she likes it anyway so she may change it to something else.


One thought on “28/11/16 Jazz Lesson 10”

  1. Sophia, this record is not detailed enough – for someone not actually present in this class they wouldn’t really know what this involved. You could describe the lift, name it (if it has an official name), take a photo of it. Explain how it might fit in the choreography that Sarah is making.


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