Sophia Lerigo


Contact: 53, Station Rd, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 1AW                    me

Mobile: 07597366726

Email: lerigo2014@gmail.com


Height: 176cm

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Playing Range: 15-25



We Will Rock You                                     Go Go Girl                          School Theatre

Cabaret                                                       Backstage                           School Theatre

The Little Things We Do Together         Poppy (small lead)            Conservatoire East (Gary Willis)

Midsummer Night’s Dream                   Fairy (dancer)                    Conservatoire East (Lynn Whitehead)

Music Hall                                                 Iris/life model                    Conservatoire East (Lynn Whitehead)

Improvability 2 & 3                                 Performer                           Conservatoire East (Erica Dupuy)

West End Week                                       Dancer                                West End Week



Irish Dancing for 3 years, Gymnastics for 1 year, Ballet for 4 years, Tap for 2 years, Jazz for 2 years, Ballroom dancing for 2 years, Singing for 1 year.


NLPQ qualification, Provisional driving license, Horse Riding (Novice), Piano (Novice), Guitar (Novice)




One thought on “C.V”

  1. Sophia, this is a good starting point for your CV. Some tips that would help you to improve it are to:
    – split up your telephone number so that there is less chance of them mis-entering it and not getting hold of you
    – put your performance experience in the order from most recent to oldest and put the month and year of the performance, also identify whether it is a musical, drama, dance piece etc.
    – put your backstage experience separately and clarify the role you played e.g. stagehand e.g. dresser e.g. prompt
    – with your training section, if you have any grades make sure you include the most recent and the exam board e.g. Ballet RAD grade 1 (Distinction) and for your singing put Singing (choir, ensemble and solo)
    – put National Pool Lifeguard Qualification and then in brackets (NPLQ) and make sure you get the initials in the right order (I’m assuming this is the qualification you mean?)


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