25/11/16 Singing Session

Today with Birgitta we went through “Far From The Home I Love” from Fiddler on the roof. I was focusing more on the words than using my soft pallet and tilting, but she said that was alright, because it turns out I have an issue with my consonants. We went through a list of different letters that are voiced and then the unvoiced versions. For example “V” is the voiced version of “F” you just use more air too make the sound of “F”. So I am to go over each letter 10 times everyday and in two weeks time I should have made a difference in how I talk and also how I pronounce things when I sing.


One thought on “25/11/16 Singing Session”

  1. Sophia, good record and good advice. Have you recorded yourself now so that you can compare and identify the improvements in two weeks time? What time everyday are you planning to practice the letters 10 times through? Are you going to set an alarm on your phone to remind you? if you don’t organise yourself it won’t happen, even with the best of intentions, and you won’t see the progress you might have done if you had committed to this.


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