Task 10: Rehearsal process


This was the presentation of our ideas and what led us to chose Tom’s idea.

Our videos are numbers 5, 7, 10, 17 and 24

This is our discussion on the idea that we liked (Tom’s idea) We are discussing what we could do with it.


This was the first draft of the script which I wrote. first-ever-tie-script


Here are also documents that show the Egypt lyrics me and Scott wrote and the lyrics for the Paris song which I wrote.  egypt-song  and paris-song.

On this day Jess also wrote another part of the script as I couldn’t think of a rhyme and I wrote the riddle for Egypt. riddle-for-Egypt

  • GRISELDA: You’ve found another one of the paintings I’ve hidden, Do it again and I’ll be forbidden. Bad Genies need to keep their reputation Not a single glimpse of hesitation. So the next clue is much tougher, I can’t wait to watch all of you suffer, I will win at this game I play, And all you lot will go away.

Scott and Jess then proceeded to write the starting’s of the Egypt and Paris scenes.

paris-script-writing-jess-year-2  egypt-scene-that-scott-wrote

Sian then put all the newly parts together and we got a script with a lot of new parts.


We then carried on with going through the lines and started briefly blocking the scenes.


This is our newest script it has quite a brief ending and still need some fixing, but its coming along really successfully and I think we will have our completed script soon!



This is our rehearsed reading for Gary to see and there is also a video of all of the feedback we got.


Today we went through and started blocking properly, because our blocking was not great and that was in the feedback we were given. We may also be performing again to Gary and so we want to make sure there a re a few definite changes so he can see we have looked at the notes and improved our show.


I tried to edit more of the script and have created a new ending as well as adding in lyrics for the Egypt song.



Gary said that there should be a prologue or something to make the story clearer so I decided to write one, I showed it to the group and we went through it and started cutting and editing bits.


We started looking at possible workshop ideas for the end of the show. This is what we came up with:

  • Throwing an inflatable globe to each other in a circle- guess what continent the country they point at comes from.
  • *starboard* idea- were we will have different corners of the room as different things. They could be New York, Paris, Cairo and then we ask questions so the kids have to run to which one they think is right.
  • Worksheets- On the countries we have looked at and there can be some little crosswords etc on it as well.

They seem like good ideas and it isn’t very hard to find an inflatable globe.


After Gary observed our show he gave us plenty of feedback, he mentioned that if we had some sort of prologue at the beginning it can explain anything that’s a bit difficult to understand later on in the show, so I went away and that’s exactly what I did.



Paul didn’t like some parts of the script so we looked at them and Sian helpfully decided to highlight in red the bits that he thought could be better and needed changing.


Today Tom, Sian, Jess and Scott thought that it would be good to show Erica their new choreography for the Egypt routine which I didn’t help with as I had more script writing.


We needed lots of cardboard to use for props and also to put under sheets so that we wouldn’t ruin the floors, Jess decided to be very helpful and get in the bin for us and raided the cardboard.


It was just me and Scott today and since we had Paul we decided that it would be a good idea to create the backing tracks for the New York song and the Egypt song. We didn’t have time to start or finish the Paris song however the other two backing tracks were really good and its just something else now that we don’t need to think about doing.


Erica was incredible and very kindly helped us and wrote the little bits of script in that we had spoken about and changed including a newer better version of the ending but still incorporating my idea of Martin discussing why its so important to travel and see the world.



Today was a Sunday however we had a chat about the paintings and what they may look like. Jess’s dad is a painter and decorator and so he kindly offered to paint them. I sent Jess some photo ideas for the paintings and her dad got to it.

These are the photos I chose as they clearly showed the children each landmark and I thought that Jess’s father could get very inventive with them.


We split into two smaller groups the boys went and did the backing track for the Paris song and me, Jess and Sian went and finished off some more painting for backdrops and props. The backing track was so good the boys and Paul did really well, so next they will have to figure out choreography for the song now they know the speed. and we have nearly finished creating everything which is great!



We again didn’t have many people in, so I took advantage of this by spending my entire morning with Erica so she could help with my characterisation and we could go through the script and change anything that desperately needed changing. She helped me by suggesting I should be more like a pantomime villain, but because I’m not actually evil I should act more like a brat and have a more annoying whiney voice.


Erica had a lesson observation today and so we performed our show up until going to Paris, then we thought that lesson would be the perfect time to do some choreography for the Paris song and so that’s what we did. It was really great and the observers seemed to like it. Tom had to leave near the end, because of “Bent” so I stepped in and acted like him so that the others could carry on practising it.


This was our rehearsal that we did in half term.



We finished off our last two backdrops today which was great and Scott said that could take the handlebars off the bikes he had at home for the Paris scene which was helpful. We also had the Level 2s and the Year 1 Musical Theatre students come and watch our T.I.E which was great practise for us as we only usually had Erica as our audience, this gave us more of an example for what our show may be like. It went really well and barely had any mistakes at all, the ones we did have weren’t noticeable either.


Scott couldn’t get the handle bars, so I was busy all morning cutting out cardboard handles and painting them different colours to represent each character. I had to cut out 12 all together because Scott suggested if we taped three together they would be thicker and if we taped them at the end then the black tape would look like handles. We then did our final last run through before our show the next day. We used all of our set which was cool and it worked well. Some people forgo their lines and I admit I did forget a line right near the end . Erica was sympathetic to me and Tom as we had only finished the final edit of the scripts not that long ago and some of the newer lines were harder to remember because they had either been slightly changed or new all together. Other than that Erica thought this was definitely the most interactive show out of all of them and hopefully the children will participate throughout the show.


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